What is your ‘Word’ for 2019?

What word inspires you? Grounds you? Excites you? Makes you smile? 

As we approach a new year, it is a time to reflect, and a time to look forward. At the beginning of each year, I choose a ‘word’ for the upcoming year. A word of inspiration … a word that resonates, provides perspective and clarity, and grounds me throughout the year.   

This fun exercise started in 2016 when a friend provided me with some feedback. His feedback in capital letters was ‘JUST JUMP’. He told me to drop the self doubt and the self critical that was holding me back and just do it. Shortly after this conversation, the song ‘JUMP’ by Van Halen played everywhere I went. It was a sign I was on the right track and I JUMPED! 

In 2017, my chosen word was ‘BUILD’. I needed to continue to ‘JUMP’ and I needed to ‘BUILD’, both my professional and my personal life. Many people have heard me say that ‘I choose to be happy!' To be clear, being happy doesn’t mean everything is ‘perfect’. The reality is there are tough moments … days ... and sometimes weeks. Despite these ‘yucky’ moments, I choose to be happy and create the life I want.   

The following year, during dinner with a friend, she gave me the gift of ‘ELEVATE’ as my word for 2018. It was time to keep jumping and building and it was time to take it all to the next level. My coaching practice is thriving, and I am surrounded by SO many people that love and support me and I am SO grateful. 

As I look forward to the quickly approaching new year, my word for 2019 is ‘BELIEVE’, because … I believe all is well. I believe in others and I believe in me. 

My hope for you is to find your word … a word that inspires you to continue creating the life you want. 

When you have a minute, Please add your 'word' for 2019 in the comments below. I am curious to hear what it is. 

Wishing you health and happiness for 2019 and beyond. 😊


"Our expectations get in the way of our experience."

I heard this quote last week and it is still sitting with me. (My apologies for not remembering where I heard it or read it.) Imagine if we didn't have expectations of others ... or of ourselves? Would we enjoy our experiences more? Here is an invitation to gain awareness ... When you think of it, notice your experiences, and reflect on what your expectations were. Remember to reflect without judgement. The gift is in the reflection as an 'objective observer' of the experience.


Mornings with Roland Choy … aka ‘Kam the Monk’

The best part of returning home to Canada was reconnecting with friends and family.  I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazingly kind, supportive and inspiring people. 

These past few months, I’ve had the privilege of spending many mornings with the father of a dear friend … kind of like the book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’.  Every connection with Roland Choy gave me the opportunity to learn; to see a different perspective; to grow.  Mr. Choy has been a gift in my life.  He is innately aware, intriguingly present and so calming. 

During one of our mornings together, I asked Mr. Choy if I could share our conversations.  At the time, I wasn’t sure what that would look like.  So for months, I’ve been compiling notes and checking in with him to make sure I captured the spirit of his words in various quotes.  I’ve been waiting for it all to be ‘perfect’ before sending out the first one?! 

Well, Mr. Choy passed away this morning; peacefully, with the love and support of his family by his side.  Again he teaches me that we do not need to wait for perfection. We need to give and love every day, just as we are and celebrate that today we did the best we could and everything is ok. 

Mr. Choy’s goal in life was to bring joy and comfort to other people.  My hope in sharing his words today and the upcoming weeks is to bring you the same peace, joy, comfort and inspiration they have brought me.

‘Happiness is what comes when you cease to desire or crave perfect.’  Roland Choy

Part 2 

‘What the universe offers is available to all of us.’  Roland Choy

Thank you for the amazing response and the support of a weekly quote from Roland Choy.  Again, Mr. Choy’s goal in life was to bring joy and comfort to other people.  My hope in sharing his words is to bring you peace, joy, comfort and inspiration. 

Part 3

 ‘When you are present, there is no place you are not.’

 Roland Choy’s guru was self-help author and motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Mr. Choy emulated the same calmness and presence as Wayne Dyer.  It was an honour to spend time with Mr. Choy.  Thank you for teaching me the gift of being present. 

Part 4

This week’s quote from Mr. Choy reminds me how important unconditional love it is … unconditional love of self and others.  Have a great week! 

 ‘When you live in unconditional love there is nothing to be afraid of.’ Roland Choy


part 5

‘The path of potential is infinite.’  Roland Choy

Family and friends gathered last weekend to honour Mr. Choy’s life.  Blue balloons were released into the beautiful blue sky.  For some, the balloons provided a release of grief as they disappeared up and away … To others, it was a celebration of his life. 

For me, the letting go of balloons represented freedom and opportunity.  Mr. Choy believed we are all here for a reason.  We need to embrace and celebrate the infinite potential in ourselves. Trust yourself ... love yourself. 

  ‘There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.’  Buddha


part 6

  ‘It is sad we don’t believe in magic until we see it.  Ironically, we can’t see it until we believe it.’   Roland Choy

Mr. Choy was a very wise and spiritual person.  He believed magic happens every day … to all of us … yet if you don’t believe in magic you can’t see it.  He challenged me to remove the doubt and just believe in the possibility of magic because once you believe, you’ll be able to see it when it happens and appreciate it.  I invite you to believe in magic and enjoy it when it happens.  Have a great week! 

part 7 

‘Once you know yourself, you have the inner confidence to relate to anyone.  You set the standard you go by regardless of the intellectual level because you no longer feel superior or inferior.’  Roland Choy

 Are there times when you feel inferior?  When you believe someone is ‘smarter’, ‘better’, ‘more attractive’, etc. Are there times when you feel superior?  When you believe you have achieved more, have a ‘bigger’ title, nicer car, etc.?  Your inner confidence is not defined by a title or an object.  Your inner confidence comes from knowing who you are.  Once you know who you are, you no longer need to defend against it and you are able to accept others for who they are.

part 8

‘Go with good intentions.  If you give freely you will receive.’  Roland Choy

Mr. Choy believed if you do the right thing, all will work out.  He also believed that we are all connected; we all have a purpose and we all bring value.  When you believe this, fear does not exist.  Doing the ‘right thing’ may mean you need to let go of a fear as fear holds you back and limits you. What are you afraid of?  Rejection?  Disappointment?  Judgement?  Detach yourself from the fear, from your ego and allow whatever is to come.  Mr. Choy said, ‘You have to forgive yourself to love yourself.’  He believed answers come when you know who you are.  When you have no expectations of others you cannot be disappointed.  Mr. Choy spoke of choice and how sometimes we get in our own way.  We all have a choice to come from love, not fear.  The power is within you. 

part 9

“I’ve been searching and it’s been right here all along.”  Roland Choy

How many times are we not able to see what is right in front of us?  How many times do we wish we had something we don’t, or said; ‘If I just had ‘that’, then I would be happy.’  Only to realize once you have whatever ‘that’ is, you’re still not happy?  Happiness does not come from outside, it comes from the inside; and it is within us all the time. 

part 10 

‘If you are mindful you see it.’  Roland Choy

Mr. Choy would say, ‘When you are present there is no where you are not.’  He spoke of the state of mindfulness and believed the foundation was connecting with your breathe.  Being aware of your breathe, allows you to stay focused on the present and to Mr. Choy’s point, when you are present, there is no where you are not.  When you are present, you can see.  Let’s practice being present, mindful, and aware, so we can appreciate what we have. 

part 11 

‘Be Nice and Be Strong’  by Roland Choy

Mr. Choy would say, ‘Be Nice and Be Strong’.  When I asked him what he meant, this is how he explained it …

‘Be Nice’ meant to be kind, compassionate and loving.  And smile! 

‘Be Strong’ meant to stand your ground, yet be flexible and believe in the possibility of seeing something differently.

part 12

 ‘The truth is always the same.’  Roland Choy

Mr. Choy spoke of the truth being ‘unchangeable’.  We, as humans, change the truth, based on how we experience a situation.  We are who we are based on our values.  Our values ground us and help us understand who we are.  They can also act as ‘filters’ by which we see, experience and perceive the world.  Imagine the ability to see without our filters.  Imagine being open, tolerant, understanding and accepting?  Mr. Choy encouraged us to respect the truth, not fear it; to live in unconditional love, as when you live in unconditional love there is nothing to be afraid of. 

part 13

‘Free will is how you perceive it.  The biggest gift you can give yourself is to let go of the anger.’  Roland Choy

What is the difference between ‘Love’ and ‘Fear’?  Love empowers; Love feels exciting, hopeful and optimistic.  When we love, we have compassion and gratitude.  We trust and we forgive.  Love gives us peace and freedom.

Fear paralyzes; Fear feels like rejection and judgement.  Fear creates doubt, anxiety, anger and jealousy.  Fear holds us back. 

Mr. Choy’s goal was to provide joy and comfort.  He could do this because he was free.  He came from a place of love not fear. 

part 14 

‘When you still your mind, you are.’  Roland Choy

Who are you?  You are you.  Stop searching; you are already you! 

Part 15

‘Nothing Is Unknown.  When you allow it to happen, the known will become known.’  Roland Choy

It is hard to believe it has been almost 3 months since the passing of Mr. Choy.  I wanted to take a moment and thank the Choy family for allowing me the privilege of sharing Roland’s words of wisdom.  From the many responses I receive weekly, his words are bringing peach and inspiration to so many.  I am smiling knowing we are fulfilling his goal of continuing to bring joy and comfort to others.  Wishing you a wonderful week!  Jane

part 16

“People meditate to find themselves, to find peace.  If you know yourself, you are in constant peace.”  Roland Choy

Mr. Choy began each day with a daily prayer starting with 3 deep breaths.  This daily practice, allowed him to connect and transform into stillness.  He described it as being saved by the unknown energy around us.   He said, “Balance your energy and perceive a state of wellness.” 

Part 17

 “Balance your energy.  Believe in a state of wellness.”  Roland Choy

 If you love what you have, then there is nothing you need.

The secret to having what you want is wanting what you have.

When you love what you have you have everything you need.


part 18

‘There is nothing I need.  I am enjoying the moment. If I go tomorrow, I am ok.  There is nothing left undone.’  Roland Choy

It has been almost 5 months since Mr. Choy’s passing, and he continues to teach me every day.  I remember being in awe when he said this statement last August.  It became so clear that he was at peace.  He fully understood his diagnosis, yet he said, ‘I don’t feel sick.  I have aches and pains, but it doesn’t stop me.  It doesn’t define me. I love my life.” 

What do you allow to define you?  If what you are allowing to define you is limiting you, what would it take to let go of it!?  

Mr. Choy reminded me of the power of positive thinking and the empowerment of self-awareness.  The key is the ability to look beyond yourself, beyond your ego and learn from your experiences.  You have the choice to create the life you want.  What life do you chose?