How Can We Work Together?

High Performance Team Coaching

Jane Gaynor - Gain Your Edge Coaching

The content for team coaching is created based on the needs and goals of each team.  The foundation of the program begins with a values assessment exercise which creates self-awareness and a space to build on each team members’ strengths. Individual coaching often follows team coaching.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Jane Gaynor - Gain Your Edge Coaching

One on one, personalized coaching allows the space for self-discovery of one’s values, needs and strengths.  Together, we create strategies to help you achieve your goals in an ever changing business environment while enhancing your authentic leadership skills.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a strategic partnership supporting clients to achieve their goals. 

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Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because of three unique features:

  1. Synergy: Coachee and coach become a team, focusing on the coachee’s goals and needs to accomplish more than the coachee would alone.
  2. Structure: With a coach, a coachee takes more action, thinks bigger, and gets the job done, thanks to the accountability the coach provides.
  3. Expertise: The coach knows how to help business professionals make more money, make better decisions, set the best goals, and restructure their professional and personal lives for maximum productivity.

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A goal is a dream with a deadline.
— Napoleon Hill