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Authentic Leadership Coaching
Authentic Leadership Coaching

This program is designed to help you maximize your potential and achieve success. This one-on-one, personalized approach allows for the greatest discovery of one’s values, needs and strengths. Jane will work with you to create and implement strategies to help achieve your professional goals and elevate your authentic leadership skills. Individual coaching programs are typically six to twelve months and are designed to fit the unique needs of the individual.

Work with Jane to define your Authentic Leadership style.
My experience with Jane was evolutionary on a personal level, and career changing professionally.
Through her coaching, I was able to establish an authentic, thoughtful, and impactful executive presence, anchored in my own values.
In doing so, I’ve been able to build  more effective partnerships.

Coaching with Jane has enhanced my ability to create outcomes that are aligned with my intentions, which will ultimately support my career aspirations.
— Ahmed Rashwan, P.Eng.
Director, Electric Power Engineers
Mississauga, Ontario
Jane is a naturally talented and impactful coach. She has a fantastic combination of business experience, personal energy and drive, and empathy and care for each person she partners with. When you work with Jane, you gain clarity of where you are heading and build the energy and confidence to pursue it.
— Nick Evans, MBA, MCC
Founder,  Dialogue C.
Toronto, Ontario
Career Transition Coaching

This 3-month program supports you to create your next opportunity, whether you are looking for your next role or trying to elevate your career.  Through bi-weekly individual coaching sessions, you will uncover and understand your unique values operating system.  This awareness leads to greater clarity and confidence, helping you make empowered choices that guide your career.

Work with Jane to determine your career path
Career Transition
High Performance Team Facilitation
High Performance Team Facilitation

Jane creates the space for teams to connect, build trust and function as a high-performing, cohesive unit. She understands that no two teams are the same, and takes the time to discover the unique needs and goals of team, as well as the strengths of each individual within it. With this understanding, she creates a custom program designed to elevate team performance and effectiveness. Individual coaching often follows team facilitation.

Work with Jane to Empower Your Team
I have had the good fortune to have experienced Jane’s facilitation skills on several occasions. I have been impressed with her ability to engage groups, keeping them focused on complex tasks and supporting great outcomes. Jane has a relaxed, approachable way with individuals at all levels of an organization and a highly developed understanding of how to get groups to consider different ways of approaching an issue or problem – “the art of the possible”. I would highly recommend Jane’s facilitation services.
— Jeannette Briggs
Director of Corporate Finance, IESO
Oakville, Ontario
The Benefits of Coaching *

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a strategic partnership between coach and coachee, designed to empower the individual to maximize their potential and achieve success. Coaching provides support, structure and objective feedback.  The responsibility of the coach is to be a guide for their client - to listen, support and enable.

Why Coaching Works

The coach is a facilitator of discovery, an enabler of learning and a cheerleader for your success!  A coach holds the space of possibility and believes the coachee to be capable. The coachee accepts personal accountability for their choices and takes action in making the shifts needed.

Coaching has the power to deliver great results. This is based on three factors:​

Coachee and coach become a team, focusing on the coachee’s goals and needs to accomplish more than the coachee would alone.


With a coach, a coachee takes more action, thinks bigger, and gets the job done, thanks to the accountability the coach provides.


The coach knows how to help business professionals make more money, make better decisions, set the best goals, and restructure their professional and personal lives for maximum productivity.

* Source: Coach U Inc.

Is Authentic Leadership Coaching for You?
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Are You Ready 

to Take Action? 

Now is the time to invest in you!

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