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Authentic Leadership Coaching

This program is designed to help you maximize potential and achieve success. This one-on-one, personalized approach allows for the greatest discovery of one’s values, needs and strengths. We’ll work together to create and implement strategies to help you achieve your professional goals and elevate your authentic leadership skills. Individual coaching programs are typically six to twelve months and are designed to fit the unique needs of the individual.

 Work with Jane to define you Authentic Leadership style. 
Jane is the most amazing and positively influential Executive Coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Jane is sharp and an excellent listener and she gets to the root of the issue quickly. Jane has shown me how to become my ‘authentic self’ and has helped me grow tremendously both personally and professionally. I have recommended Jane to my inner circle of friends and for me that says it all.”
— Katherine Taylor
BDM at The Ian Martin Group, Toronto, Ontario
High Performance Team Facilitation

Jane creates the space for teams to connect, build trust and function as a high performing team. She understands that no two teams are the same. She discovers the needs and goals of the team and the strengths of each individual within it. The foundation of the program begins with understanding the needs and goals of each team. Then, she creates a unique program designed to elevate team performance and effectiveness. Individual coaching often follows team facilitation.

 Work with Jane to Empower Your Team 
I have had the good fortune to have experienced Jane’s facilitation skills on several occasions. I have been impressed with her ability to engage groups, keeping them focused on complex tasks and supporting great outcomes. Jane has a relaxed, approachable way with individuals at all levels of an organization and a highly developed understanding of how to get groups to consider different ways of approaching an issue or problem – “the art of the possible”. I would highly recommend Jane’s facilitation services.
— Jeannette Briggs
Director at IESO Toronto, Ontario
Interactive Experiences

Jane has empowered individuals throughout North America and Europe through her leadership presence. Jane has the knowledge, energy and expertise to empower your team, inspire your audience and excite your guests. She delivers interactive experiences on Authentic Leadership, The Power of You, Resiliency, and much more.  She energizes audiences to start creating the life they want today.

 Hire Jane for Your Next Event 
I recently had the privilege of working with Jane Gaynor at a corporate team-building event and was AMAZED!! Whether in front of the entire group as the facilitator or in small group discussions, her passion, wisdom and skill were readily apparent. If you are looking for a strong and empathetic coach for yourself or your team, then I highly recommend Jane - you won’t be disappointed.
— Al Lovelady
Regional Services Manager at Connexall USA
Virtual Programs

You are invited to join Jane in these leadership programs, where you will gain clarity and build confidence, to take focused action and achieve your goals both at work and in life.

These small and interactive group sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Each participant will receive a complimentary one on one coaching session with Jane. 

Personal, one on one programs are also available.

The Foundation of Authentic Leadership

We are all leaders, every day, regardless of title or position. You are a leader at home, in your community and at work. Leadership is all about the choices you make each, and every day. During this 4-week program, you will learn about the foundational characteristics of authentic leadership, how they define your unique leadership style and support you in being a more effective, confident leader.

Create the Life You Want – Be Your Own CEO

Believing in yourself is a truly powerful thing. Anything is possible when you invest in the innate powers that make you - YOU. During this 4-week program, you will learn how you have both the choice and the capability to create the life you want. You will build your personal tool kit which will empower you to live the most authentic version of yourself therefore becoming the CEO of your life.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

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