What Jane’s clients have to say:

Jane Gaynor provided me with the resources necessary to take a proper assessment of my family, business, personal, spiritual, physical fitness, short term and long term goals.  Jane held me accountable for taking action on the items that I said were of importance to me for my growth and development. Although I am a driven person with an 'A' type personality, Jane was able to help me laser focus on a few things that were hindering me from being at optimal performance.  If you are interested in maximizing your potential while unleashing your inner passion Coach J is an absolute must.

— Kareim R. Cade
President, & CEO, Great Lakes Benefit Group Southfield, Michigan

In order to be great, you need great people around you. You need people like Jane on your team. As soon as you meet her, you know that she is committed to your success. She is able to dig through the weeds to find and build on your foundational strengths. She uses her authentic and caring leadership style to ask meaningful questions, facilitate inspired conversations and support you to action. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Individuals and teams will benefit from Jane’s knowledge, experience and wisdom.

— Mary Tabak
Public Speaker, Consultant, Coach
Oakville, Ontario

I once heard a quote at a seminar I attended, it was, "Invest in yourself and your business will thank you for it."  After working with Jane, I believe this quote to be absolute truth. I am in a completely different space, both personally and professionally since I've been working with her.  Her perspective was invaluable as she was able to help me identify my "blind spots". These blind spots were keeping me from progressing to my desired level of performance. The best gift she gave to me was to help me truly understand my own value.  Once I understood this, I was able to multiply my earnings. I could not have done this without her expertise and world class perspective. Thank you Jane!!

— Chad Elledge
Co-Founder , The Golf Leadership Academy, Farmington Hills, Michigan

I was fortunate to have Jane as both a mentor and then a professional coach. Jane was instrumental in helping me develop my personal vision, create an actionable plan, and drive solid results in my career. Her inherent empathy and motivating attitude, along with excellent listening skills, sensitivity and overall positivity provided me with the platform to increase my confidence and deliver to my true potential.

— Jenny Pringle
Campbell North American Foodservice,
Toronto Ontario


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