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What Jane’s clients have to say:

I loved working with Jane. She supported me in getting laser-focused on the work I needed to do, by clearing out any distractions that no longer served me.  Jane created the space for me to gain awareness and the confidence to define and live my unique and authentic leadership presence.

— Maureen Peng
Director, University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

 I had the privilege of working with Jane Gaynor at a corporate team-building event and was AMAZED! Whether in front the entire group as the facilitator or in small group discussions her passion, wisdom and skill were readily apparent. If you're looking for a strong and empathetic coach for yourself or your team then I highly recommend Jane - you won't be disappointed!

— Al LoveLady
Regional Services Manager, Connexall
Macon, Georgia

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jane in a variety of settings including workshops she’s led, small group settings she’s facilitated, and one-on-one coaching. The environment Jane creates is always fun, safe, and thought provoking. I always feel supported by her which allows me to be open and honest, enabling insightful conversations. Jane always encourages me to be my authentic self, and she creates an environment where I’m comfortable doing that.    

— Christina Cowx
Mississauga, Ontario

Jane is the most amazing and positively influential Executive Coach I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Jane is sharp and an excellent listener and she gets to the root of the issue quickly. Jane has shown me how to become my "authentic self" and has helped me grow tremendously both professionally and personally. I have recommended Jane to my inner circle of friends and for me that says it all!

— Katherine Taylor
Founder & CEO, Taylor McMahon HR
Toronto, Ontario


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