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Finding Your New unNormal

Ever felt like a cat swimming in water? You can imagine the feeling – unfamiliar territory, few skills to navigate through this challenge and no life jacket! Something has changed and it is just not the same anymore. Welcome to Your New unNormal!

This is the way we all feel when life throws us a surprise. The trick is to identify how we navigate the waters so we can resist less and thrive quicker. Because the one thing we know for sure is that change is constant.

Everyone has their own unique process for navigating through change. Yet, many of us live it unconsciously. We just do what we do and get through it, which is more like surviving, not thriving. When you become aware of your own individual change process, it provides you with a roadmap to self-resource through change quicker. Especially when the change is not what you wanted.

Recent events gave me the opportunity to practice my own change process. Being an extrovert and working in a people-centred industry, COVID restrictions locked me down both personally and professionally. Unfortunately, this was not the first time I needed to adapt and navigate through change and I imagine it will not be the last. Every challenging experience allows me the opportunity to reflect and learn about what works and does not work for me.

Personally, my change process includes a mindset, an action, and a reflection on my core values. I responded to the COVID changes quickly and pivoted to create “Walk ’n Talks” – a way to get outside and stay connected (via phone) to the people that matter. Using my personal formula for change supported me to get unstuck faster, and it inspired a new way of connecting. What is your personal formula? What are your “go to” responses to change? Are your responses working for the people around you? Are they working for you?

“When there is no way out, there is always a way through.” Eckhart Tolle

Moving through change quicker means you are adapting to your new world rather than fighting against it. In a work environment this translates to stronger relationships, efficiencies, teamwork, and leadership.

Remember the next time change knocks on your door, or someone throws you in the water – pay attention. Jot down what you are thinking, doing, feeling and begin to identify your own change process and then own it.

Your new unNormal is an exciting place to be. When you start to thrive in change management, you are prepared for the next surprise and can quickly succeed as well as support others along the way. You will be the one in the life raft pulling cats out of the water!

If you would like to identify your unique change process, let’s have a conversation. Jane


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