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"Be Authentic and Do Your Homework"

Advice from the Honourable Hazel McCallion

Adding to the last question Michael asked me in the 'The Voice of Retail Podcast', I would like to share some advice from the Honourable Hazel McCallion. When I asked Hazel (and she insists on just Hazel) what advice she would give leaders? Her response was, 'be authentic and do your homework'. Thank you for the great reminder to be genuine and be prepared.

To listen to 'The Voice of Retail Podcast', please click below. First up, Michael LeBlanc, interviews Michael Graydon, FCPC CEO, and then interviews me (starting around the mid point of the segment) about leading authentically during challenging times.

How would you answer Michael's last question? Please email your 'two starts and one stop' to


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